Monitoring Systems – Because Dogs Can’t Dial 911

Most dogs, anyway. We’ve all heard those amazing stories about dogs who have dialed 911 when their owners were in trouble. It’s happened, but it’s extremely rare. It’s even more rare, almost never happening, for a dog to dial 911 for itself.

You’re not always with your pup, so what happens if he gets into trouble? If he’s choking on a bone, or suffering from a sudden illness, or lost in the woods, what will he do? Wait for you to help him, of course. If you make him wait long enough, however, the consequences could be disastrous. There is a way to keep an eye on your pet from afar, though – a monitoring system.

Video Monitoring

Pet cameras are like Nanny Cams, but for your dog. One of the most elite systems is called Petcam, and it uses a remote video monitoring system to help you keep tabs on your dog whenever you’re out of the house. Petcam is a very easy-to-use system that allows you to mount a small camera just about anywhere in your home. It begins recording when it senses movement, and you can view the video from your computer or smartphone.

There are other options for pet cameras, but you don’t even need one that’s made especially for pets. Any type of home video camera or recording system will do the trick.

GPS Tracking

Another way to monitor your dog is with a GPS tracker. While you know your dog is safe at home, you also want to make sure you can protect him if he’s not. Dogs do get out and run away or get lost, and if it’s happened to you before, you know the feeling of panic it brings. A GPS tracker allows you to pinpoint exactly where your dog is so that you can bring him home immediately and reduce the chances of him getting injured.

Tagg the Pet Tracker is a system that allows you to always know where your dog is. Your dog wears a collar with GPS on it, and an app on your smartphone will help you locate him on a map if he goes outside of the area you specify. There are other systems available as well.

Alarm Systems

Another way to keep your pet safe when you’re not around is with a good, old-fashioned burglar alarm system. A burglar alarm system, such as ADT, will help you keep your dog and your entire home safe. While it won’t be able to tell you if your dog gets hurt, it can help if your dog gets out, or if someone enters your home who could pose a threat to your dog and your stuff. While you’re away, you can set the alarm system so that the security company, and subsequently the police, will be notified if any doors or windows open or break, but not if there’s movement inside.

With a video monitoring system, GPS tracker, or alarm system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is that much safer in the event of an emergency.