Protect Your Canine Companion by Checking His Toys

Don’t assume that a toy marketed for your dog is safe. While we would like to believe that companies would never release dangerous dog toys, the reality is very different. Even the most innocuous dog toys can hold hidden dangers and it is your job as a responsible pet owner to ensure that no harm comes to your pooch. One issue is that the items which are aesthetically pleasing to your dog could be the very things that are the most dangerous. Below, we provide a quick guide to dangerous dog toys and what you need to watch out for.


bonesWe are talking about bones from animals and not the squeaky versions which are made from sturdy material and should be reasonably safe. Avoid feeding your dog poultry or rib bones because they have a habit of splintering and could result in serious intestinal problems for your dog. It is always best to purchase bones specifically designed for dogs and you should look to supervise your dog when he is chewing on a bone to ensure he doesn’t sustain a cut on his throat or on the inside of the mouth.

Tennis/Dog Balls

It is a well-known fact that dog balls can often be too small and can easily get trapped in a dog’s throat thus suffocating him. Balls with a slippery outer coating are especially dangerous. Many pet owners assume that a tennis ball is safer because of its size and texture but a recent German study showed that the glue used to create tennis balls can actually damage a dog’s tooth enamel. Additionally, it is too easy for a dog to chew through a tennis ball and swallow it.

Tug Toys

While these seem like fun, it isn’t a good idea to encourage aggression in your dog. If he wins the tug of war with you (which is likely), this will make him assume he is the more dominant. As you should be aware, it is never healthy for an owner to be seen as less dominant by the dog.

Rawhide Chews

Dogs enjoy chewing rawhide but it is bad for their health. Rawhide made in North America often has chemical residues and when your dog chews it off and swallows it, he has an increased risk of developing intestinal problems as the material gets lodged inside. The rawhide chew can also result in your dog choking.

In general, dangerous dog toys will have sharp edges, can be swallowed easily, contain ribbons or feathers and are less than durable. Your dog’s enthusiasm could put him at risk when he is playing so you need to protect him by reducing his exposure to risky toys.