A Dog’s Point Of View

The human-dog relationship is one of a kind. From the moment they were domesticated 33,000 years ago dogs have provided much needed services. In the beginning, they were used as guard dogs, hunters, and mobility machines. Today, they serve many of the same types of roles, but their job description is evolving. Many dogs are considered family to their owners, as some humans spend more time with their dogs than other humans. Our dogs are always there with us; day or night, rain or shine. They bring usloyalty, happiness, and love and ask for nothing in return.


2-dog-and-a-girlDog’s loyalty to their human handlers is unquestionable. They trust us and believe in our leadership. After all, it is the common belief that domesticated dogs believe its owner is the leader of their pack. Who is the pack leader in your family? If you have children or brothers and sisters, it is believed that dogs consider them other members of the pack. The loyalty a dog will show to their pack leader is comparable to a priest devoted to the church. If you are looking for someone with the loyalty to follow you into the desert with no water, begin looking for a new doggy companion to take home with you.

The happiness of a dog will depend on a few different things. First, how much time the leader is spending with them. Second, is the pup being fed regularly and on a consistent schedule? Are they getting enough exercise and time outdoors? An owner may also want to take their dog to the dog park, so they can socialize with other k-9. Finally, are they living in style? Or are they walking around naked all day. My dog’s favorite items are his small dog clothes. He is an adopted miniature yorkie and he rocks his anti-puppy mill t-shirt with such pride. It amazes me how political he is!


Our four legged friends will develop a deep love for their human counter parts, especially the pack leader. Symptoms will include depression during times of absence of leaderand extreme hyper activity when the pack leader returns home. Other symptoms may include jealousy of other pack members (children, brothers, sisters, etc.) taking up quality bonding time between them and their dear leader.

In conclusion, we need to be aware of the unconditional love our dogs have for us. As time passes, dogs are becoming a tool for psychologists to treat mental illness like PTSD, depression, and anger management. This proves that our relationship with dogs will be long lasting. If there is anything humans can do for dogs in return is making sure they live a life full of love and happiness.