The Top 10 Pets for Children

It seems that mostly every child goes through a phase in their lives where they desire to own their own pet.  Parents are then forced to decide, first, whether or not they will allow their children to have a pet.  Then, if they decide that it is okay, they are then forced to decide what type of pet they will allow their children to have.  There is an abundance of different animals that parents can invest in to bring into their kid’s lives, but this article is going to focus only on the top 10 pets that are available.

10: Fish

When it comes to maintenance, one of the lowest maintenance pets that are available on the market is a fish.  Most parents start their children off with one goldfish inside of a bowl. One of the key reasons why parents invest in pets for their kids is to teach them how to be responsible for a living thing besides themselves.  A goldfish is a great stepping stone to start off with.  The overhead expense is low, because all it basically needs is a bowl, water and food.  However, the child will be able to get a feel for caring for an animal, feeding the animal as well as burying the animal (since the life expectancy of these fish is much lower than most other pets).

9:  Turtle

Turtles really don’t need much besides food, water and a place to crawl around.  You can have them in a small tank or a little cage and they will be just fine. However, just like with fishes, they make great lessons for children learning responsibilities without the big risks and weighty duties of maintaining bigger, more advanced animals.

8:  Snake

The responsibilities for a snake are a little bit more advanced than what is required of children that own either goldfishes or turtles.  However, it is still not as much as children that own cats and dogs.  However, based on the snake, feeding them may require more money and effort.  For instance, fishes just require the little fish food pebbles that you can dump in their tank. However, some snakes need to eat little mice as their dinner which calls for a little more responsibility on the behalf of their owners.

7:  Reptile

Similar to the snake, other reptiles make great pets but, based on the type of reptile, their needs may vary in such areas as habitat, diet, etc.

6: Bird

You can’t put a bird in a fish tank or small box (as you can with some of the other animals that we have discussed already).  You need to invest in a bigger cage and more food, which calls for more money to be invested by the parents and more space that needs to be occupied within the house.  Cleaning up after birds also welcomes children to another weighty responsibility that they will also need to focus on with the top 5 pets as well.

The Top 5 Pets

5: Hamster (or gerbil)

4: Rabbit (or bunny)

3: Cat

2: Dog

1: Horse