Pet Training For Dummies

Having a pet can be a very enjoyable experience, but trying to train your pet can often be difficult. If you’ve never trained a pet before, you may be scratching your head in wonderment trying to figure out the best way to tackle the issue.

It’s important to remember that training a pet often takes time, so don’t become discouraged if your dog hasn’t picked up the whole potty training thing in the first few minutes. When it comes to training your pet, stick to these basic training tips for dummies.

Be consistent.

If you want to accurately train your pet, it’s important that you are consistent with your training. Make sure that you spend the same amount of time on training every day, and try to do so in a routine that your pet will come to understand. You should also stick to the same few training commands and gestures until your pet completely understands them. If you change up what you want your pet to do or how you tell them to do it, it will only confuse them.

Let them play.

kids-at-playYou may not want your pet to run crazily through your home, but you need to understand that your pet needs an outlet for their energy. If you don’t want them destroying your home, make sure you allow them to get exercise and play somewhere else, such as outside in your yard, in a dog park or in a specific room in your home that is set up just for them. If you’re always all work and no play, your pet will not listen to your commands.

Don’t yell.

Animals have very good hearing, so you don’t need to yell at your pet when you want them to do something. Instead, talk to them in a normal voice, and be calm, and they will be more likely to obey you and give you what you want.

Use a reward system.

Repetition and reward are great ways to get your pet to listen to you. Make sure that you are giving your pet positive reinforcements when they do something you have asked. For example, give your pet treats when they follow a command or when they go to the bathroom in the right location. This positive reinforcement will teach them that doing the right thing will give them something they desire. Just make sure that you’re only rewarding your pet’s good behaviors and that you’re not rewarding their bad behaviors, otherwise the reinforcement method will not work.

Use a professional.

If all of your pet training methods are failing, you may need to turn to the help of a professional. There are plenty of pet trainers that will come to your house, or you can take your pet to a facility that offers obedience classes. These professionals have been in the pet-training business for a long time, and they know what’s successful and what isn’t.

Training your pet is important, and if you want to see results, it’s a good idea to use these pet training for dummies tips.