Look After Your Pets From The Inside As Well As The Outside

The people of Britain have long been known for our love of animals. However, in recent years, cases of obesity in pets have been on the rise. This isn’t because we don’t love our animals, it’s because we love them too much!

It’s hard to resist those “doe like” eyes as they stand at your feet when you’re in the kitchen and many of us are left feeling like we’ve done something wrong when we don’t toss the odd little treat from the fridge here and there.

The trouble is once you start, that’s it! It doesn’t matter if you have a cat or dog, they will very quickly work out how to get around you in order to eat what could only be termed in the animal world as “junk food”. This where the slippery slope begins, and although you may think you’re not doing any harm, human food can cause all sorts of health problems aside from obesity.

Start them Young

Many of us will choose to have a puppy or kitten not just because they’re cute but we want them to be a part of our family from a young age. Apart from making sure they’re checked by a vet and have been vaccinated against all the diseases a pet can contract at this age, it’s also a good idea to take some advice on what sort of pet food you should give them.

There are loads of different types of food on the market, and depending on the breed you have (especially with dogs), will depend on what your vet tells you. For instance, Labradors are known for their love of a good meal and very easily gain weight so, you may be told its best to feed them something slightly different to say, a poodle.

As They Grow

sweet-catThis is where you have to be strong. Dogs can easily be trained, even though they may “try it on” every now and then but, cats are a different story. Anyone who owns a cat will know how they spend their days thinking about how they can get their own way! We go back to those eyes, what person could resist?

But, you must remain strong. If you don’t while your pet is moving from child to adulthood, you really don’t stand a chance when they get older. If you decide to go with a particular diet stick with it, and do all you can to resist the temptation to give them the odd bit of milk or cream. Cats may look very satisfied after a saucer of this delicious dairy delicacy but it really isn’t good for their kidneys.

In Later Life

For many us, our pets will last well into their twilight years, and the type of pet food you feed them when they get older is imperative. For instance, kidney and liver problems are highly common in both species, and a poor diet will only contribute to this.

Where necessary feed your pet a brand of food that’s developed according to their age, there are many brands that have been formulated for animals that are 5-7 years and older. This is because (like humans), their metabolism changes, and the food they eat should reflect this.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t have to cost loads of money to feed your beloved pet the right food, and if you start early, they will learn that rubbing against your legs, or licking your ankles whilst you’re in the kitchen just isn’t going to work.

In the long-run you’ll not only extend the life of your furry friend, they will be a whole lot happier and healthier as a result.