Fun Crafts To Do With Your Pets

Crafts can be a fun way to decorate your home, pass the time on a rainy day, or simply spend some quality time with those you love. Most people stick to crafting with their friends and family members, but there are other individuals in your life that can be a great asset to your crafting talents.

Your pets can be a big help when it comes to crafts, and doing something together can be a great way to memorialize your relationship with one another. If you want to get your pets involved in your next crafting activity, the following are four crafts to do with your pet.

1. Animal Print Paint

dog-footprintThis craft is very simple to do, and it can be a great piece of artwork in your home. You’ll need to buy some paint and a canvas. Put the paint on the bottom of your pet’s paws and have them run or walk across the canvas. You can keep it simple and only have them do it once, or you can have them do it multiple times, changing out the color in between their strides across the canvas.

2. Nose Mark Pictures

You can do the same type of craft as the first one, but use your pet’s nose instead. Put some food coloring onto a cotton ball and then dab the cotton ball around your pet’s nose. Then, push the canvas up against your pet’s nose to get a great print. Again, you can keep it simple with only a few prints, or you can put plenty of nose marks on the canvas for a busier look. Always remember that you should use food coloring for this portion of the craft, as other dyes or paints could cause harm to your pet if inhaled or ingested.

3. Pillow Pets

If you enjoy making pillows, your pets can be a big help. Instead of spending a fortune on cotton or stuffing for your pillows, you can use your pet’s fur instead. When you brush or groom your pet, start to keep their fur in a container or bag instead of throwing it away. Then, when it’s time to stuff your next pillow, you can use all the dog or cat fur you’ve collected. Not only is this a great way to reuse items, but it will also make your pillow extra soft. If you want to make the pillow completely pet-related, you can always have your pet run their painted paws over the fabric you’re using in order to create a cute design.

4. Ornaments

See-through ornaments are an easy way to decorate your tree, and you can make them extremely personal with the help of your pet. Take a picture of your pet and cut it small enough to fit inside the clear ornament. Then, take a piece of your pet’s fur and tie a bow or ribbon around it to make it nicer. You can also put other items inside the ornament if you can get it to fit, such as a dog or cat treat and/or pet-shaped confetti. Then, when finished, hang it on your tree.