EFT: Tapping Your Way to Your Pet’s Healing

While the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – an emotional healing tool that is akin to acupuncture but without the use of needles – is originally intended for humans, it could send healing energy pulses to your furry friend’s energy system in the body as well.

The technique, though, does not involve tapping on the pet being worked on. While animals have a meridian system like people, many of the points on the system are situated in areas where they do not want to be touched.

The amazing thing about doing animal EFT? You tap on yourself to cause positive changes in your pet!

Called proxy tapping, it can be done from anywhere, and you do not even have to be in the same room as the animal you are working on. This makes EFT highly promising for wildlife, pets that you do not own, and a wide range of animals rarely touched or handled by people. The tapping technique is easy to learn and do, and you can apply it to any animal with any kind of problem once you know it.

Here are two factors why proxy tapping for animals – which, according to Animal-EFT.org, was actually discovered by a new mother with a premature baby – proves effective:

  • EFT creates healing through energy systems, where the tapping itself is not what heals but instead is what simply opens the door to allow healing to occur.
  • You are the one focusing attention, directing it toward the animal you are working on. This makes your energy system connect with your pet’s energy system and allows you to make positive changes (physical illness, undesirable trait or behavior, depressed emotional state, or other issues) without actually handling him or her.

There are three steps to follow in the EFT process:

  1. Tuning in. This step involves thinking about your pet and his or her specific problem or concern, whether physical, emotional, or behavioral.
  2. Setting up. This step revolves around coming up with a simple phrase or sentence that describes or sums up the problem very clearly in your mind. You should use a straightforward statement, something like “Kitty is constantly scratching her ear,” or “Wacky is feeling depressed lately.”
  3. Tapping. This follows a sequence starting at point 0, the heart center. This is also the place where each round of tapping finishes.

Place both your hands flat at the center of your chest in the Heart Healing Position, take three deep breaths, say your set-up statement, and tap in the following sequence:

  1. Top of the Head (highest point on the  top of your head)
  2. Third Eye (center of your forehead)
  3. Start of the Eyebrow (above the bridge of the nose)
  4. Corner of the Eye (bone at the corner of eye)
  5. Under the Eye (bone below the eye, in line with the pupil)
  6. Under the Nose (below nose, above upper lip)
  7. Under the Mouth (below lower lip, above chin)
  8. Under the Collarbone (meeting point of collar and breastbones)
  9. Thumb (side of thumb in line with nailbed)
  10. Index Finger (side of finger, in line with nailbed)
  11. Middle Finger (side of finger, in line with nailbed)
  12. Ring Finger (side of finger, in line with nailbed)
  13. Little Finger (side of finger, in line with nailbed)
  14. Karate Chop Point (side of hand, in line with life line)

Once done, return to point 0, place your hands in the Heart Healing Position, and take three deep breaths to finish the tapping round.

Remember to not overfocus on the physical act of tapping, how hard or fast to do it. The important thing is to tap with awareness, focusing on the contact between your fingertip and each point as you tap in order to help direct energy from your hands to your body.

Try animal EFT as a completely harmless, natural, and non-invasive therapy that has shown beneficial when you are dealing with a wide array of issues in your animal companion. However, never use it in place of regular veterinary wellness examinations or checkups when your pet is showing signs or symptoms of pain, sickness, or behavioral change.