Dog Insurance

Older Cat Insurance Explained

Senior Cat Insurance Explained Our pets age faster than we do and as they get older, we realize that they are no longer as strong and active as they used to be. You can use older cat insurance to provide for the payment of your pet’s veterinary bills during its senior years. This type of policy has been specifically designed for owners of senior pets. Find out everything you want to know about it before you start shopping for an actual product. Why is There Special Older Cat Insurance? The reality is that most insurance companies will refuse to cover […]


Lifetime or Limited Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet Insurance Pet health insurance cover will generally pay for the medical costs for your pet, if it is sick, injured or even if it’s been involved in an accident. There are some policies which will also compensate you if your pet is stolen, lost or even if you pet was to unexpectedly die from an illness or accident. In such events insurance for your pet is considered to be vital as it mitigates the risk of many expenses related to the medication, safety and care of your pet. Every day, the prices of these medical treatments for your pet’s […]


Excluded Dog Breeds for Insurance

Unfortunately, not all canine pets can be insured. There are some excluded dog breeds for insurance that every person planning to buy a pet must be aware of. The different companies have different exclusion lists, but some breeds are present on literally every list. Find out what animals are most commonly not included and learn the reasons why insurers refuse to cover them. The breeds identified by the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 are excluded dog breeds for insurance. Virtually all companies in the UK will refuse to cover a: Pit Bull Terrier Dogo Argentino Fila Brasileiro Japanese Tosa Are […]