Love Dogs? Why Not Pamper Them?

Dogs have long been man’s best friend and as a dog lover you will know they come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Whilst you can give your furry friend the odd tasty treat, there are many other ways in which you can show your love for them.

Incidentally (and I’m sure you don’t need to know this) obesity is a problem in pets these days especially in certain breeds of dog. It is important to try and keep this problem to a minimum. That said, you may be wondering how you can pamper them without helping them gain unwanted weight. There are in fact lots of ways you can do this.

Collars and Harnesses

You can of course buy collars and harnesses at your local vets. However they don’t exactly show off both yours and your dog’s personality. For this reason there are loads of places you can buy designer dog accessories and these include both collars and harnesses.

As we all know a dog has to wear a collar in the UK; it’s the law! But many people prefer not to attach a lead to it particularly when you’re training your dog to walk beside you properly. Leads attached to collars can cause some discomfort which is why many people prefer a harness.

red-collarThis is where the fun part comes in. Harnesses are made to fit all sizes of dog and they can help display how you feel about their personality as well as your own. For instance, you may have a breed that’s particularly “snooty”. That is to say, they love to be washed, brushed and blow dried! For this type of character you can have a harness that is made of soft linen and sports a Balmoral check tweed.

Perhaps your dog is proud and you’re very patriotic. In which case, why not choose a harness that has a Union Jack print? There are loads of choices and all of them are made so that your dog is comfortable as well as looking their best.

Bowls and Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, this isn’t the same for pets as it would be for humans. The last thing your furry friend will thank you for is draping a heavy gold chain around their neck. Instead you can choose understated pieces of jewellery that will make your dog feel that bit more special.

As any dog owner knows, it’s illegal to take your pet out in public without some form of an ID tag. Years ago, these were just engraved pieces of metal that didn’t look very attractive. Now you can buy tags that come in all manner of designs and colours to suit any taste.

If you like a little bit of sparkle you can have your pets name engraved on the front and surrounded in modest crystals. You can also show off the fact you have a boy or girl by choosing the appropriate colour. Shape is something-else that’s widely available. You can have hearts, bones, circles, stars, whatever it is that “floats your boat”.

When it comes to eating, your furry friend can do this in style. Gone are the days when you popped a plain metal dish in front of your dog. Now, you can buy all sorts of bowls that are personalised. You can choose from painted metal, ceramic with little decorative patterns or tags. You can even buy sets that are elevated on dog size tables (perfect for the older generation).

Go Ahead Pamper Your Pet!

Designer dog accessories don’t mean you have to dress your best friend in uncomfortable clothing or put things around their necks that annoy them. Everything that’s available on the market has been designed with both pet and owner in mind. You can now truly make your best friend feel really special.