Is Your Pet Dog Fit To Travel With You?

Dogs become more than just animals to us pet owners and when they are treated like family, you simply want to bring them along with you wherever you have to go. When you have to leave town for a holiday, business trip or family emergency, you find yourself worrying about what to do, because tagging your pet along with you on the trip is not only costly, but it can also be dangerous for him. The best thing you can do for your dog is to see to it that he is left in the hands of a professional who can properly take care of him and monitor him throughout the day. This is why there are vet clinics and hospitals today that offer affordable and reliable boarding services.

Why Your Pet Dog May Not Be Fit To Travel

Some dogs are fit to travel long distances by road, sea and air, but there are factors that determine their capabilities. Here are some factors that explain why your dog may be deemed unfit to travel.

Health Issues – Each dog will have different health conditions. Some may be healthy, but there are those that will require constant vet care which can become a problem while traveling, thus preventing everyone from enjoying the trip.

Barking Habits – Dogs bark and there are those that bark excessively. In fact, this is a common problem in many hotels that permit dogs, as some hotel guests can not tolerate an environment with constant barking.

Aggressiveness – Some dogs though well trained, will have a certain level of aggressiveness towards other dogs, animals and even people. This behavior can make travelling difficult for everyone and even lead to problems for you.

House-training Problems – If your pet dog is not properly house-trained, then you must consider having him left at a boarding shelter while you are out of town. Bringing a dog that is not properly house-trained will leave a trail of chaos throughout the trip.

Other Behavior Issues – You may enjoy your travels and your friend’s pet may enjoy it too, but that does not mean that your pet will too. Your pet may also be anxious when surrounded by unfamiliar groups of people or environment, so do not subject your dog to travelling if you know that he has behavior issues.

How To Tell If Your Pet Dog Is Capable Of Traveling

Remember that not all dogs are capable of traveling, but there will be others that are highly capable and experienced in traveling. However, seeking the advice from your vet is important to determine your dog’s temperament and health condition to permit him to travel. Here are a few factors that can indicate that your pet can travel safely:

  1. Proper housekeeping manners and practices while traveling and when at the destination
  2. Allows you to carry him or leashed when passing through public areas
  3. In good health and without any prior health conditions
  4. Well behaved, calm and relaxed when exposed to new situations, new surroundings, animals and people
  5. Have travelled before and have been exposed to similar situations
  6. Well trained and obedient with minimum commands
  7. Able to adjust and socialize with other people at the party