Choosing The Perfect Puppy For Your Kids

If you have decided that you really want a pet dog but you are not sure about what breed that you would prefer, please take some time to read this article. First of all, you need to be certain that you are buying a puppy for the right reasons. They will no doubt look lovely and adorable when you first choose them, but they all eventually grow into something less cute. Many healthy dogs are destroyed each year because of careless people that couldn’t really offer them a safe home. A typical dog will live for over twelve years, your children may have moved out by then. Just be sure that you can give the right amount of love and care for these wonderful creatures before actually buying one.

Active Or Not?

kid-and-dogMost dogs will be full of energy, especially when they are puppies. But some breeds require more exercise than others, and they will suffer if they do not get it. If your children are keen on outdoor activities and can handle a medium to large dog, then you should be okay on that score. But if they start to get bored of the constant demands, you will probably be the one doing the walking!

Space Issues

It may be a common sense factor, but you would be surprised how many people buy a dog that is just too large for their property. For a big breed like a Labrador, you will need a nice sized garden and a large house. They are very physical and can easily turn a small room into a disaster area, just by wagging their tail. If you have a tiny flat you can still look after a dog, but pick a miniature breed and not a German Shepherd.

Allergies And Dog Health

It is a good idea to check if any of your family suffers from allergies before you buy your puppy. It would be sad to have to let your lovely puppy go so soon after you bought it. You can check for this condition with your local GP. There are a few breeds that may be okay if you simply must have a puppy. When you choose your puppy, you should also look into the individual breed’s possible health issues. If you live in a warmer climate, it is not a good idea to get a snub nosed breed because they suffer from breathing issues.


Once you have bought your puppy, you will be looking at many years of paying for dog food and medical care. This amount can be quite frightening when it is added up, just ensure that you are able to meet these costs without any compromise. The vet’s fees can be pricey and they should be factored into your budget.

Children Friendly Breeds

Your puppy will seem like the cutest thing on earth when you first bring it home, but it will turn into an adult dog before too long. Some breeds are better suited to small children than others. Do some research and choose a breed that is happy to be played with at all times of the day. Each dog has its own character as well, just ensure that the children meet your puppy before deciding on the final choice.