How To Choose The Right Pet Gate

Pet gates provide a way for owners to confine their dogs to areas when they are unsupervised. With so many styles available, it might be a challenge to choose the right one. Pet gates differ from each other based on the size, style and the type of materials used. The gate you choose will depend on your dog and the way that you plan to use it.

For example, there are pet gates that are designed for indoor use and others that which are used outdoors. Then there are versatile styles which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Plastic and metal gates hold up well for outdoor use as they can withstand harsh changes in the weather. Decorative wooden gates are more appropriate for indoor use. dog_gateThere might be some types of wooden gates that can be used outdoors as well. Some type of hardware is often used on outdoor gates to secure the gate and keep your pet in. Indoor gates don’t usually have hardware, but are pressure mounted for mobility and easy setup.

Pet gates also come in various heights to secure different types of pets. Cats and some dogs will easily jump lower gates, so you’ll have to purchase a high gate to contain them. These gates will come with a door so you can easily get in and out. A latch on the door will be pet proof for added security. If you have small children at home, get a gate with a latch that is pet proof and child proof since some small children can easily unlock simple latches.

Dog gates are extremely handy when you want to confine your pet to a certain area within the house. Pet owners who do not want to use a dog crate will find that these gates are a wonderful alternative. Ask the pet store owner about multi-function gates if you want your gate to also serve as a play or exercise pen for active dogs. Some people like to give their dogs free reign of the house during the day, but use pet gates at night to confine the dog and keep him from roaming around the house unsupervised. Pet gates can also be used in training or to get your dog used to new furniture or gear.

Retractable pet gates are popular because they fold all the way back to allow more access space. These gates offer many benefits which is probably the reason they are so popular. They are simple to setup, are child proof, portable, will fit any opening, and come in pressure mounted or permanent fixtures.

If you already have an idea of the type of gate you want, you can purchase your pet gate online. Otherwise, it is best if you visit a pet store where you can inspect several styles of gates and choose one that meets your specific needs.